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How To Help / Founder's Society

Become a member of Aid to Artisans' "Founders Society", a group of dedicated and visionary individuals many of who have supported us since our beginning 33 years ago.

Being able to respond quickly to requests where assistance is most needed is important to us. With support from the Founders Society, which begins at $1,000, we can deliver innovative programs and maximize our resources.

In the past, Founders Society support has allowed us to get started in Haiti, Mozambique and Tanzania, three of the poorest countries in the world. The Founders Society also supported special efforts such as the "Before & After Fund" used to assess potential projects and to help artisans continue their connections to ATA when a project ends; The Growth & Continuity Fund; maintaining and expanding our worldwide artisan network; and general private funding so crucial in our ability to match government and corporation funding requirements.